HackX Incubator provides design, development and infrastructure resources for selected RFE/RL Hackathon projects, taking them from a proof-of-concept to working solutions.

Trend Eintopf

A web app that helps to quickly determine if Twitter trends are legitimate or artificially created by bots. This app was created in cooperation with developers from Avast and Radio Farda.

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In countries where freedom of the press is being compromised, WhatsApp is used to spread misinformation on a large scale. With the help of our journalists, ARZU helps our audience verify the authenticity of such messages. It also allows our newsrooms to circulate breaking news and newsletters via WhatsApp to their audience.

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Story map

A tool that uses big data to correlate geographically specific environmental phenomena and social trends over time to tackle the challenge of verifying and analyzing widely disparate information about the relationship between human activity and environment.

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